Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.....Cards By Shutterfly That Is!!

As most people do, especially those with small children, I love the holiday season!!
I love the decorating, putting up the tree and doing my Christmas cards!
Every year, since my daughter's been born, I've done photo cards.
I love them!! I love making them!! I love giving them!!
It's such an easy process. Anyone can do it! It's also a great time saver, as I don't have to fill out every one because it's all printed out for you!! With a full time job, a house and a 5 year old to take care of, I don't have much time to spare!!
This year I'm using Shutterfly!!
I've used them in the past and I love the finished product!
I've searched through their Holiday Photo Card selection
and found some really nice designs!!

Like this:
I love that it fits 4 photos, so I can have one of each kid and one of the 3 of them!
I also LOVE snowflakes!!

Going with the snowflake theme is this:
As well as snowmen, which I also love. One photo of the 3 of them would fit nicely!

I love the simpleness of this one:
Again, 4 spots: one of each, one group.
I do like 'Happy Holidays' b/c it covers all the winter holidays!!

I really like that this one is so simple!
Love the brown and again...4 spots.

They also have a nice selection of Folded cards!!

Here is my fav!!
4 spots and so fun & festive looking!!

And this one I also love!!!

It has a spot for your last name initial, plus the year!!
And the black and white photos are awesome!!

Wow, I've got some work ahead of me trying to figure out which one I want!!!
In the mean time, I'll have fun doing a photo shoot with my crew!
I can't wait to do take after take until I get the perfect shots!!
Then, I can try them in the different card styles and decide which card they look best in!!

OOOOO...can't wait!!!

and you can even make
photo cards for the New Year!!

Enjoy your card making process....


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